What does it cost the school?

Nothing! Packages are purchased by parents online.

How long does it take?

Initial set-up is about 10-15 minutes. A class of 10 children can takes about 20 minutes.

Can we do a group class photo?

While I highly recommend the individual composites, I will gladly take a group photo.

Is the teacher photographed?


How are the digital images sent out?

Parents may include their e-mail addresses for me to message directly or you can choose to facilitate that. I give you that option as I respect your privacy and that of the families you serve.

Does the school get a copy of the digitals?

Yes! All images are placed in an online gallery for download for up to 30 days or 1 download.

When do we get the prints?

Any printed orders will be delivered to the school in envelopes and marked with the child’s name making it a simple hand off for your teachers.